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Thomas Hauert
m.a.p. – mudances aula pedagògica

Thomas Hauert

Tools for dance improvisations   Every joint of our body has its range of movement and there are countless combinations possible. The body possesses a great practical knowledge, that goes way beyond what the mind’s consciousness is able to process,…

Creators In Residence

The project Creators IN RESIDENCE in high-schools proposes that resident creators conceive unpublished works of art specifically meant to be developed together with a group of secondary-education students. Creators intervene in high-schools as authors, developing their own work of art,…



This publication analyses the prolific and diverse career of the dancer and choreographer Àngels Margarit who, from the very beginning, put herself on a par with the European avant-guard. In this book are reflected her interpretative strenght, choreographic sophistication, working…