m.a.p. Opened trainings. Have you got the tickets?

The opened trainnigs with Àngels Margarit/cia.MUDANCES have started

Have you got your tickets?


Fes click a la imatge per descarregr-le i organitzar la teva agenda.

Trainings from 9:30h to 10:50h with:

*Àngels Margarit/contemporary

14,16,19,21,23, 26 (new) 27,28,29,30 september/Graner

14 and 21 october/Caldera (new)

24 to 28 october/Graner

*Andrés Corchero/body weather

15,20,22 setembre/Graner

*Dory Sánchez/ioga

4,6,11,13,18,20 octubre/La Caldera les Corts

Buy your tickets for 10 training days 60€!

To pay for the classes / subscriptions make a bank transfer to the current account MUDANCES – La Caixa ES62 2100 0632 9302 0018 3914 containing the concept Entrenaments m.a.p. and specifying your name.
Then send an email to mudances@margarit-mudances.com with the receipt with your name.
You can stamp your ticket on the day of the training.

For tickets CALDERA class you must contact the management team of the center.