m.a.p. desembre 2015, gener i febrer 2016

Àngels Margarit / cia. Mudances, in collaboration with La Caldera, presented the program map (mudances Pedagògica classroom) 2016, aimed at dancers and choreographers. Throughout the year we will schedule different practical techniques for interpreting and creating artists and internationally renowned…

Advanced studies in La Manufacture of Lausanne.

Àngels Margarit collaborates as `intervenant´ in the new Bachelor de danse de La Manufacture, under the educational direction of Thomas Hauert. This course begins the second promotion.
A.M. says; “Nutrition is integrated into the training and they receive classes and nutritional and practical advices in the communal kitchen.”

Angels Margarit gave a masterclass at the Liceu Conservatory.

Angels Margarit thanks to her experience with the particulatities of combining her choreographies with live music and aslo in the field of creation and composition, offered creative and practical tools to expand the training of the Masters in Art lessons for composition applied to media and scenic of Liceu Conservatory’s students.