Cartografies (Cartographies) is an interdisciplinary project of pieces in different formats, a work based on conversation, exchanges, and collaboration between Àngels Margarit and other artists. Cartografies is a map of relationships that have generated some interesting work or will in future. The formats can be very diverse: laboratories, stage scenery, improvisations, videos, etc. This is a more experimental project, more research oriented, already pointing towards the future. It is a work that develops itself slowly, weaving complicities with the different artists involved.

Cartografies #1 Blat (#1 Wheat). María Muñoz and Àngels Margarit.

This piece is intended as a proposal somewhere between conference, performance, and document. It takes off from Quadre Mallorca (Majorca Painting), the initial fragment of the duet Saó, created by Àngels Margarit and María Muñoz in 1995. It is a staging of about 30 minutes: from a conversation between the two choreographers, the original materials that make up Saó will emerge.

Quadre Mallorca, the heart of the piece, is a path that leads from one interpreter to the other in a Majorcan wheat field, as well as a conversation from the poetic and conceptual imaginary of each interpreter.

Cartografies #2 AAA. A. Fernández, A. Corchero, A. Margarit.

With these two artists Àngels Margarit has found an exceptional and singular link on every occasion they have been able to improvise together. The present Cartografia will be an encounter round the improvisation with the aim of continuing to widen the registers that come of the relationship in creativity of these three personalities.