Provisional retreat

For more than 33 years, Àngels Margarit / cia. MUDANCES has been a structure of creation, production and research through which I have been able to develop many artistic and pedagogical projects around dance.

Àngels Margarit / cia. MUDANCES has been an adventure shared with a large number of artists and other professionals contributing their talents and work to help develop the numerous projects we have produced over the years.

From the beginning, the creation and research in the language of dance, interdisciplinarity and the exploration of new formats, have been key elements of the artistic proposals orientated to expand the boundaries of the discipline and the places and fields where it was expected.

At Àngels Margarit / cia. MUDANCES we have promoted and produced stage shows, video dance, musical creation, training, pedagogy and community projects, workspaces, festivals, publications, etc.

As a structure, Àngels Margarit / cia. MUDANCES has fought at all times to improve working conditions, dignify and professionalize the sector, with an active resistance and commitment.

At Àngels Margarit / cia. MUDANCES the stage has never been more important than the rehearsal space, the costumes than the office; rigor and artistic commitment have also been ethical, and that I think has generated a way of relating to ourselves, of understanding the craft or the task and of weaving complicities, that has given us an unforgettable artistic and vital experience.

Since March 2017, I have run the Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona) as a director – a position that is incompatible with my own artistic productions -, deploying a project that lasts until the 2021/22 season.

Àngels Margarit / cia. MUDANCES is in a provisional retreat, because even though it may be definitive in its form, the roots that has given us will continue to grow and flourish somewhere.

Thanks to all of you who have made possible and shared Àngels Margarit / cia. MUDANCES at some point.


Àngels Margarit