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Educational Projects with Mercat de les flors

Map To The Stars
APP of the Mercat with pedagogical resources to bring dance to schools.
Web: Map to the Stars

For CaixaEscena: Maleta didàcticaDan Dan Dansa

Training and practice within the Teacher training course and resources for teachers.
From 2008 to 2015

Escoles TÀNDEM – Fundació Catalunya/La Pedrera with Mercat de les Flors in Escola Bàrkeno


Open workshops ESCOLES TÀNDEM

Proposals around FlexelF

The notebook

A notebook to imagine the show as a stage on paper.
Make your own notebook.


In this fragment we work with the body the right angles and make group constructions.
You can invent body constructions such as doors, windows, tunnels and bridges with your friends or family using the angles that can be made with your body.


Here we show you the duets we built for this piece and how we play to change direction.
Do you know what a palindrome is? A capicua. The word FlexelF is an invented word and a capicua. A palindrome is a phrase that can be read and interpreted the same in both directions, as a capicua. In FlexelF there are a few choreographies which are palindromes. Did you pay attention to the piece of accordion music? This piece is called Palindrome: the dance begins, moves forward and then, from halfway through, moves backwards.


This fragment offers a zenith view of choreography, based on the movement of strings that draw exotic landscapes and calligraphy.

Mandra (Laziness)

In this dance we want a lazy, relaxed, supple and loose body. We play with all kinds of fabrics, curtains, pillows to wrap and create movements. We think of dance differently when we perform it for a theater stage or when we do it for a camera. Here you can see what it would look like from above, in a zenith view.
You can try making your lazy dance, sure you find home soft materials and fabrics to play with.