Àngels Margarit – Pedagogy

For Àngels Margarit, choreography, interpretation and pedagogy have always been linked, they feed back into each other and, at the same time, give rise to new milestones and research. For this reason, Margarit regularly gives technique, composition and repertoire workshops and collaborates with different national and international pedagogical institutions.

Àngels Margarit / cia.MUDANCES has promoted continuous training programs such as m.a.p. and mòdulmap. The technical classes and workshops are taught by members of the company and by internationally renowned artists or teachers. This allows for continued growth and learning for both company members and the professional community. Over the years, many dancers and students have been able to participate and acquire training in new techniques, tools and working methods and also get closer to the work of Àngels Margarit / cia. MUDANCES. The idea of sharing and transmitting is constantly present in the work of the company.

Additionally, around the shows for young audiences –Origami, FlexelF and Back Àbac-, pedagogical materials have been developed that are disseminated through workshops for schools and families. From her passion for dance arises the desire to spread and share the creative experience and to deploy her practices and games for children, young people and families. These workshops bring us closer to dance and creation without the need for any previous experience, and provide information and resources to enjoy more of the proposals, precisely to show that we can all enjoy dance and creation.