Back Àbac

Back Àbac is the title of the latest show by Àngels Margarit / cia. MUDANCES. A title that refers to the elements brought into play as the starting point of the piece: the infinite, numbers, the music of Bach. This show aims to work with dance and circus artists on the idea of infinity. To do so, it uses Bach’s music as a sound map and universe to weave a sensual, visual choreography inspired by mathematics, with bodies that move in an extraordinary way -or that make any movement seem extraordinary- in this dance score by Àngels Margarit.

Direction and choreography Àngels Margarit
Creation and performance Eneko Alcaraz, Dory Sánchez, Fàtima Campos, Miquel Fiol, Francesca Lissia, Celso Pereira, José Luís Redondo
Music Johann Sebastian Bach
different interpretations by Makoto Nakura, David Cooper, Claudio Inferno and Chio Allin, Chris Thile, Llibert Fortuny, amongst others
Music edition Pep Pascual
Scientific advise Irene Lapuente,
La mandarina de Newton
Assistent choreography in Can Gassol Lídia Moraño
Lighting and stage design
Wooden abacus Ferran Capella and
Àngels Margarit
Costume Ariadna Papió
Technical coordination Marc Ases
Light technician Ernesto Fois
Sound technician Óscar Villar
Video documentation Núria Font
Photography Carme Masiá, Ros Ribas,
Cristina Inocencio, Marga Parés
Accounting Begonya Companyon
Production and administration Mariona Castells
Distribution Àngels Margarit / cia MUDANCES and Iva Horvat – Agente 129

Back Àbac

Production by Àngels Margarit / cia Mudances,
Coproduction by Mercat de les Flors, Graner Centre de Creació Barcelona,
in collaboration with Can Gassol, Teatre Monumental, direcció de cultura de l’Ajuntament de Mataró.
Creation residence at La Caldera Les Corts, Barcelona
with the collaboration of Central del Circ, Barcelona

Place and date of the premiere

Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona
26th Decembre 2016

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BACK ÀBAC ©Núria Font – 2’52”

Interview to Àngels Margarit about BACK ÀBAC – 2’02”

BACK ÀBAC Loops 2 – 0’49”