Triptic / Estances 18’

Director: Núria Font.

Dance video that arose out of the documentary video material and working diaries of different versions of the dance piece Solo per a habitació d’hotel (Solo Hotel Room) between 1989 and 2000.

Year: 2003

Cos Recordat 7’

Director: Núria Font

Year: 1997

Ritual Geogràfic 11’

Director: Núria Font

Created and performed by: Anna Teixidó and Arthur Rosenfeld

Year: 1997

Rambla 14′

Director: Jordi Teixidó

From the duet Saó by Àngels Margarit and María Muñoz.

Year: 1995

Peix 7’

Director: Núria Font

Year: 1994

Du Parc # 1410

20’Director: Walter Verdin

From the solo Du Parc#1410 performed at the hotel Ramada Renaissance du Parc in Montréal (Canada).

Year: 1993

Subur 305 15’

Director: Núria Font

Based on the choreography Subur 305 and its creation in the hotel Subur in Sitges (Catalonia, Spain).

Year: 1990

Boqueria  5’

Director: Johanne Charlebois.

Based on the main theme of the choreography Kolbebasar, recorded at the Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona (Spain). Project awarded by Arcanal, from french TV.

Year: 1990

El Mar 3’

Directed by the programme GLASNOST from T.V. Catalana, to order of Agustí Fernández.

Year: 1989