As everyone knows, a caprice is something whimsical, over the top or unpredictable.

The project Capricis (Caprices) is based on Paganini’s 24 Capricci, short pieces for violin that demand great technical virtuosity and suggest a vast array of different emotions. Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840) was a unique performer and composer, with extraordinary technique and a great power to move those who heard him.

Capricis is an entertainment with a strong element of playfulness. The dance takes the musical structure of the 24 Capricci as its script, reinterpreting and building on this with the idea of making it visible, sculpting it with bodies or drawing it in the space. Above and beyond the virtuosity of the music, the structure of the twenty-four studies offers a unique dramatic proposal in which the performers, each in their individual way, embody the piece.

A caprice of caprices.

+ Info:

Butaca de Dansa Award 2014

Capricis, premiered at Grec 2013, is a modular, flexible piece that can be created or recreated for specific circumstances, turning each new performance into a caprice.

Direction and choreography Àngels Margarit
Creation and performance Eneko Alcaraz, Fàtima Campos, Joan Català, Mireia de Querol i Duran, Joan Palau,Miquel Fiol, Raquel Gualtero, Roser López Espinosa, Isabel López Pérez, Manel Salas Palau, Dory Sánchez and Lourdes Solà
Music 24 Capricci by Niccolò Paganini
Special guest appearance by the violinist Kai Gleusteen
Lighting and stage design
Costumes Ariadna Papió
Costumes assistant Carla Guillen
Assistants to choreographer Lara Navarro (student in training, Institut del Teatre) and Vera Bilbija
Voice work Celeste Alías
Sound technician Marc Ases
Video documentation Núria Font
Photografphy Ros Ribas and Marga Parés
Production Marine Budine / Elclimamola
Difusió Iva Horvat – Agent 129
Production and communication assistant Laura Matías
Accounts Begonya Companyon
Administration and coordination Montserrat Llabrés_Tones


is a production by Àngels Margarit / cia Mudances,
co-produced by Grec 2013 Festival de Barcelona,
in collaboration with Can Gassol – Centre de creació d’arts escèniques and Teatre Monumental de Mataró, and Graner Centre de Creació-Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona.

Place and date of the premiere

Grec 2013 Festival de Barcelona
Mercat de les Flors
11, 12 and 13 July 2013