From B to B gets the Swiss Dance Awards 2013

Curren Dance Works Saison  2011 – 2013

The piece “From B to B”, a co-creation by Àngels Margarit and Thomas Hauert has received the Swiss Dance Awards  2013.

The jury, formed by nine experts, said: “Contemplative and light-footed, playful and gripping, humorous and poetic – From B to B is a journey, centred around encounters, through a physical, musical and linguistic dialogue between two generous and mature artists: Thomas Hauert and Àngels Margarit. It is an extremely personal work that provides space for a successful experiment in mixing techniques and languages – an experiment that lends structure to the piece. Aided by original and unadulterated body language, different experiences and bodies form and reform ideas of sense and beauty. The work is the result of a study spanning improvisation and dramaturgy, conveying an almost childlike astonishment emanating from the creative alchemy between two artists.”

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