Creators In Residence

The project Creators IN RESIDENCE in high-schools proposes that resident creators conceive unpublished works of art specifically meant to be developed together with a group of secondary-education students. Creators intervene in high-schools as authors, developing their own work of art, and the transmission of art is achieved by means of participation, dialogue and direct contact with the artist and his work. Reflection and analysis are also key steps in the learning process, and they can be set and shared by means of blogs.

Thanks to this direct encounter between art and education, the aim of this project is tripled:

Encouraging that students discover creation process of contemporary art from direct contact and on-going dialogue with a creator, so that they can think about art from their own experience.

Promoting and generating situations and contexts stimulating innovation and artistic creativity.

Favouring that high-schools actively become centres of culture, art and thought, a welcoming reception of creation and a venue for experimentation and artistic innovation.

The project “Creators IN RESIDENCE in high-schools” started in 2009-2010with three artists in residence. In 2010-2011 there were five artists in residence, and in 2011-2012, three. The creation processes of all the editions can be explored in the web and in the blogs.

In the current edition of 2012-2013, Àngels Margarit involved in this project with a residence at the Institut Joan Coromines.

The creation process conducted with the students of 4th of ESO of the Joan Coromines Institute can be followed through their blog.

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