Thomas Hauert
m.a.p. – mudances aula pedagògica

Tools for dance improvisations


Every joint of our body has its range of movement and there are countless combinations possible. The body possesses a great practical knowledge, that goes way beyond what the mind’s consciousness is able to process, about anatomy, mechanics, action, reaction, and interaction with external forces (gravity, centrifugal force etc.). Our mind can concentrate only on a few things at one time while our body is able to combine a great amount of information in an ever changing, fluid sense of orientation, that can serve as a sensor for potential movement. To create movement participants will use physical intuition and creativity that comes into existence by purely physical circumstances. Through (group) improvisation with one or more partners, exchanging information through touch, one will take advantage of this phenomenon to create forms, rhythms, movement qualities far more sophisticated than our mind could invent.

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