Àngels Margarit and Thomas Hauert present ‘From B to B’ closing La Caldera summer stage 2016 sunday 14th August at 9pm

From B to B is a physical, musical and linguistic dialogue between dancers and choreographers Thomas Hauert and Àngels Margarit. The piece won a Current Dance Works Prize at the Swiss Dance Awards 2013.

The two choreographers share a deep love for movement, a taste for a certain physical virtuosity, sensitivity for space, a way to create a universe of changing textures, dynamics and surprising constellations.

From B to B evokes a journey between Brussels and Barcelona as well as the Point B to which each of the two artists had arrived, by way of their own unique paths, from Point A of a hypothetical clean slate.

To learn more about From B to B you can check our website; Mudances i Zoo


Do not miss the chance to see this show on Sunday 14 August at 21pm at La Caldera!


General ticket 12€

Reduce ticket 10€ (participants la caldera summer stage, mudances friends, APdC members)

Friends ofla caldera 8€