The space of the body and the body in the space – master class

What I use to offer more often in a workshop is what I call training and mudances materials, that is an approaching to my movement and choreographic materials and also tools that I use in my work to explore movement and compose or improvise with dancers in the company.
I divided it in two different parts, first part is technical training, floor work, centre, and sequences where different patterns of movement are given to learn and work with, this part takes around two hours. Is more based in the movement that I design, and give the skills to deal with the patterns that I propose. The sequences work on balance, falls, suspension, off balance, slides, jumps, turns, using a lot the relation of all body with the floor. Space as water. The second part gives more freedom to the dancers, takes two more hours and I propose different tasks or instructions to explore and create movement, each dancer can explore by itself and in interaction with couples, trios or groups. Space is often the main subject of the work.

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